Natural Health - Exploring
the World of Alternative Healthstyles

Allergies? Injuries? Chronic colds or the flu every year?

Building natural health can help you solve real problems
with a holistic approach -- therapies, prevention
and meaningful lifestyle options!

If you’ve ever been bothered by a troublesome knee, an ingrown toenail that wouldn’t quit, hemorrhoids, or an injury, you know how it can hamper your life. Here you can learn about natural health cures and ways to prevent future problems. You might even develop a new philosophy to build lifelong health for yourself and your family!

Don’t know where to begin? Try one of these:

  • Using natural medicine, whenever possible, to avoid dangerous drugs

  • Remembering body-mind-spirit in every part of our lives

  • Adopting a more natural lifestyle - living GREEN

  • Learning about natural health food and organic food to build wellness

  • Organic gardening, to grow the healthiest food

  • Finding the kind of fitness exercise that best suits each of us

  • Promoting health through stress management

  • People around the world have developed their own alternative approaches to health. India has Yoga and Ayurveda, China maintains an ancient culture of herbal medicine, and Native American peoples had their ways of cleansing and healing. Besides all these, we hear words everywhere like “organic,” “holistic,” “naturopathy,” and “homeopathic.” It can be confusing!

    With so many different possibilities, it makes sense to take a look around and discover your own self-health alternatives. We’ll help you get started with useful information, and then point the way to further information resources in each area.

    One of the shining lights we discovered many years ago is Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet.” He is considered the father of holistic medicine because he emphasized the idea of body, mind and spirit. Often, when he gave a physical reading for someone, he would include advice for all three, not just the body. Cayce’s success rate, including many “hopeless cases,” is amazing, and his cures and remedies are attracting more and more study by the medical community today. Because we, like so many, have found his solutions priceless, we have collected the Cayce information on this site into a book, An Edgar Cayce Health Primer, available on Amazon.

    Download free BUILD YOUR OWN LOG CABIN ebook! In our own lives, we have pursued a holistic lifestyle throughout the years. We’ve homesteaded, built log cabins in three different places, and written a book about it.

    Then we’ve been organic gardening
    for more than thirty years, and have studied and used Cayce information for ourselves since 1969.

    Along the way, we’ve had our share of health problems, but the trick is to find ways to keep them under control.

    Natural health is about building wellness, not just about curing diseases. And it’s for real people – you and your family. So don’t get discouraged if you’re not a supermodel or athlete. Most people aren’t, and they don’t have to be.

    Our site gives a practical approach to healthy, natural living, with options for everyone.Whether you want to move a step at a time or more radically, you can do it without forgetting body, mind or spirit. The most important thing is to take a moderate approach in making changes. Verify results for yourself, and don’t use other people as a benchmark. As the Buddhists say, “Do what you can, and walk on.”

    It's time to explore natural health!

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    Table of Contents

    Natural Medicine - a New and Ancient Frontier
    All medicine came from natural medicine -- and it still works! Worldwide alternative traditions can help you take charge of your health, and avoid needless visits to the doctor!
    The Natural First-Aid Kit – Your First Defense!
    Like many country people in the ’50s, my mother relied on her own natural first-aid kit – simple ways passed-down for countering the daily catastrophes of seven harum-scarum kids.
    Herbal Medicine – Looking back, moving forward!
    One of the first things I learned about herbal medicine was the American Indian name for plantain -- “white man’s foot.” They saw that it grew wherever white men walked.
    Ayurveda – Timeless Instruction for Enhancing Life!
    Harmonize your health with Ayurveda -- Try ginger for indigestion or goldenseal for toothache! Today, ancient remedies like these are being verified by science.
    Self Health – Your Privilege and Challenge
    Physical makeup is unique, like a fingerprint – it’s the first rule of self health! “Know thyself” can make a big difference to your ongoing wellness.
    Your Eye Health - Naturally!
    Eye health is vital! Through our eyes, the brain interprets the world, not only for survival, but to enjoy form and beauty, and sense many nuances.
    Body Mind Spirit -- Edgar Cayce's Holistic Health Approach
    " Body mind spirit ” is the mantra of the holistic health movement. And Edgar Cayce was the man the Journal of the American Medical Association called “the Father of Holistic Medicine.”
    Edgar Cayce, The Man Who Became “The Sleeping Prophet”
    A quiet man, Edgar Cayce wouldn’t have seemed much different from any of his country neighbors. Certainly he didn’t look like a medical clairvoyant.
    Edgar Cayce Books – Learning more about “the father of holistic medicine”
    When we started looking, in the late sixties, there weren’t too many Edgar Cayce books out there. But today, a dozen biographies have been written, and some 300 other books about him and his readings!
    The Edgar Cayce Diet — A Roadmap to Natural Health
    The Sleeping Prophet gave unique guidelines for healthy eating, and the Cayce diet is very simple in concept -- good advice for almost everyone
    Acid-alkaline Foods – Edgar Cayce’s mantra for a balanced diet
    Cayce often stressed how important it was to maintain the right acid-alkaline balance in our bodies. Learning how is easy, and it can make a big difference!
    Cayce Enemas – Keeping clean from the inside out
    Why enemas? According to Edgar Cayce, many serious diseases begin in the colon, and could be prevented with regular colonic irrigations – even strokes!
    Edgar Cayce exercises to keep fit – twice a day can keep troubles away!
    Morning and evening Cayce exercises build inner muscle fitness, improve schedule-response and stabilize your health. But they can also stop hemorrhoids, control arthritis, and improve the eyes!
    The Edgar Cayce Remedies – A Touch Of Amazing Grace!
    Thousands of Edgar Cayce remedies have brought hope and relief to those suffering from numerous maladies. Here are some of the ones we have personally used.
    Castor Oil – Edgar Cayce’s Miracle Treatment!
    One of the most famous Edgar Cayce remedies is castor oil. Known also as the “Palma Christi,” or hand of Christ, its healing properties are amazing over a wide spectrum of problems.
    The Castor Oil Pack -- Healing with the “Palma Christi”
    The castor oil pack is one of the easiest Edgar Cayce remedies to use, and one of the most universal – from arthritis and injuries, to shrinking cysts and repairing heart problems!
    Natural pain relief – Try Edgar Cayce’s Healing Packs
    Tired of pills that mask pain, but don’t really heal? Get natural pain relief with Cayce’s healing packs and poultices – safe, effective, and easy to use, even while you sleep!
    Hemorrhoids are optional! – an Edgar Cayce Cure
    Tired of painful hemorrhoids that sap your strength? Me, too! Ointments and suppositories hardly work at all, but here’s a proven way to cure those piles and make sure they don’t come back!
    The Hemorrhoids Cure – Edgar Cayce Exercises
    A real hemorrhoids cure? Yes! No need to suffer – just take control, and learn these two simple exercises!
    The Cayce Cold Cure: A cold cannot exist in Alkaline!
    Are you always just getting over a cold, or catching a new one? Edgar Cayce’s cold cure can end the misery, and help build your long-term natural health!
    Arthritis and Edgar Cayce – A Holistic Approach
    Cayce often spoke of the ways arthritis and other diseases could be prevented or healed – by body, mind, and spirit! They’ve helped us. Could they help you?</
    Cayce Arthritis Treatments – Control joint pain, and live a better life!
    Strike at the source of rheumatism with Edgar Cayce arthritis treatments! Discover his secrets to joint health – practical, effective, and safe to use.
    Stalking health food – Lost in the food jungle?
    Is your food really all it can be? Come with us on safari, hunting health food through the food jungle – but watch out for predators!
    Real health foods –- no wooden nickels! But here come those jungle predators!
    Natural or processed food? Not many foods today are really health foods. OK, all food is “natural,” in that it comes from our planet. But, here in the US, very little comes direct from the farm.
    Commercial vs. organic food -- what it means to you
    Is organic food really different? Yes! It’s raised in harmony with Nature – no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or hormones, and no harmful conse-quences to us or the environment.
    How to buy organic food - Why not the best?
    It used to be that you could only buy organic food through a secret network of organic speakeasies and underground railroads.
    Buying healthy food – the Nitty-Gritty
    When you can, buy organic. But when you can’t, get your money’s worth of healthy food by choosing the cleanest and most nutritious alternatives. Here’s how!
    The best natural food -- when you can’t buy organic
    Can’t afford all organic? (and that’s most of us!) Try natural food alterna-tives to maximize your options, and keep moving the right direction!
    Think yogurt – an amazing food and medicine for natural health!
    It’s a fact -- people have been making yogurt for thousands of years, and it really is a per-fect food! Find out the remarkable things it can do for your family’s health!
    Time to make yogurt -- a low-cost, high-power health food!
    Try our hassle-free way to make yogurt -- and why not organic, as well? Homemade, nutritious, delicious, and surprisingly cost-effective!
    Try organic gardening -- Grow Your Way to Natural Health!
    Protect your family’s future and the environment with organic gardening. Imagine your kitchen counter, piled high with your own fresh, organic produce!
    With French Intensive gardening, grow more food in less space!
    On their small continent, gardeners in Europe developed French Intensive gardening to fit their vegetables into the plots they had. This classic method still works!
    Grow a mulch garden -- the one-step way that takes the prize!
    A mulch garden is amazing – you can get so much with so little investment. Just as Ruth Stout wrote in the ’50s, it’s the easiest way ever to garden organically!
    Raised Beds and Mulch -- A Knockout Combination!
    When I moved to my present home in Kentucky, raised beds were the only option. With rock-hard soil, gravel and ledges, even a tractor with heavy rototiller refused to break the surface!
    Make square-foot gardening work for you – almost anywhere!
    Short on room to garden? With square-foot gardening, you can raise great vegetables -- and create a beautiful living patchwork to enjoy, all in a patio-space!
    A Mini-Garden - Big Nutrition In Tiny Spaces!
    Many of us who live in small apartments don’t always realize we can have a mini-garden, and grow the finest natural food there!
    An Indoor Herb Garden -- Brighten up your window sill!
    Add cheer to your kitchen and sparkle to your cooking with your own indoor herb garden! And the fresh greens are bursting with vitamins and minerals – a real health food!
    Organic Composting – Give your plants the natural food they crave!
    All organic gardening methods rely on composting to give your plants optimum health. That rich, black soil is full of helpful microorganisms to nourish plants and prevent disease!
    How to compost without grief – Healthier plants for a healthier you!
    What if you found out how to compost with even less work? Here are more ways to make the compost your organic plants deserve, and turn garbage into gold!
    Living Green – Our Future!
    It used to be only for radicals on the fringe… But now, living Green is a goal for many mainstreamers, choosing natural health through a safer environment.
    A Natural Life - Cornerstone of Natural Health
    A natural life isn’t an impossible dream! Learn how to set yourself free, one step at a time. Give yourself time to adjust, and work your way there!
    Natural Healing – A Common-sense Approach to the Basics
    The most important and far-reaching natural healing is also the most basic. Everything has its own energy and power.
    While governments and scientists work toward clean water and air, we also need to consider them ourselves in
    The Log Cabin – A natural home you can build yourself!
    Building a log cabin can be practical and enjoyable, giving you a direct connection to the early pioneers. And you’ll really be <i>living Green!</i>
    BUILD YOUR OWN LOG CABIN – Now in Ebook format! Download free!
    Build Your Own Log Cabin grew out of our life-in-the- woods experiences. Whether you’re looking to build a hermitage in the woods, a hunting cabin, or a simple rustic home, this book can help.
    Burning Wood -- a Renewable Resource and more
    Is there anything like a burning wood fire? Whether it’s the smell of a campfire in fall, a woodstove glowing, or a blaze on the hearth, it adds beauty and comfort to life.
    A Wood Stove – The Living Heart of the Home!
    A wood stove really is the heart of the home. There’s nothing like the wonderfully secure feeling of radiant heat, whether it’s damp and penetrating outside, or just plain cold.
    Firewood – What kind, and how to get and store it
    When I was young, my father scavenged firewood wherever he could, usually along the creek bordering our place in southern Ohio. He would light the fireplace on special occasions...
    Grandma Does His Duty – Hilarious stories of a zany '50s misfit
    GRANDMA is a classic of American storytelling, with that timeless feeling of Twain, Keillor, and Forrest Gump – Paul Pfarr’s wildly funny memoir.
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    Dr. Sheila Miles is a Naturopathic Physician whom we know in Kentucky. She is Board Certified by the National Board of Examiners in Integrated/ Alternative Medicine and Natural Health Science, with a Doctorate in Natural Health Science. She is also certified in Nutrition, Homeopathy, and Herbal Preparations.

    We had the privilege of editing her new book, Healthy Choices in an Unhealthy World. It's an excellent basic grounding in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and we are pleased to endorse it here. --
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