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Paul Pfarr & Justice Valentine - Check out Paul's hilarious memoir, GRANDMA DOES HIS DUTY!

Welcome to Choosing Natural Health!

It's not really about us, but you might want to know... We’re Paul and Justice. We’ve spent most of our lives pursuing a natural lifestyle, to balance
body, mind, and spirit in the real world.

Since our early years, both of us were strong adherents of Henry David Thoreau, and always intended to go and live in the woods, like him. Then, in 1969, we discovered Edgar Cayce, psychic and “Father of Holistic Medicine.” For us, the two came together amazingly!

So after Paul’s stint in the Army(characterized by quite a bit of civil disobedience), we headed straight out to the woods of Eastern Kentucky, to sort out all of life’s questions, while building a log home and living a more natural life.

Octagonal Log Cabin, 1975, courtesy of Chris Hammond. Click here for free ebook download!

This set the stage for similar experiences over the course of many years. We’ve always tried to improve, refine and expand our quest for balancing body, mind and spirit in the world about us. After building several log cabins, we crystallized what we’d learned in Build Your Own Log Cabin, published by Winchester Press in 1978.

At the same time, we’ve been gardening organically, heating with wood, gathering wild herbs and always learning, perfecting knowledge and techniques to meet changing circumstances.

Few people's lives are without health concerns, and we’ve had to work very hard at learning about alternative healthstyles to deal with some of ours. Organic food and herbal medicines have proven their effectiveness, and we use them constantly.

Edgar Cayce provided a vast storehouse of knowledge and universal health philosophy that we could never entirely absorb (though we keep trying!). Cayce has been a light shining in the darkness in many of his incomparable cures, truly “the Father of Holistic Medicine!” Because we, like so many, have found his solutions so priceless, we have collected the Cayce information on this site into a book, An Edgar Cayce Health Primer , available on Amazon.

When there’s time, we revive ourselves with classical music, reading, and writing humorous books, like Paul's funny memoir, GRANDMA DOES HIS DUTY. Check it out and download a free chapter! We also like discussing philosophy, watching good television and movies, and cherishing our three cats. (We do it all for them...)

This website has given us the opportunity to share what we've learned. We hope you’ll enjoy your time spent here, and find practical information that can contribute to your natural health.

Paul and Justice

A Natural Life

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Paul's wildly funny memoir --


Dr. Sheila Miles is a Naturopathic Physician whom we know in Kentucky. She is Board Certified by the National Board of Examiners in Integrated/ Alternative Medicine and Natural Health Science, with a Doctorate in Natural Health Science. She is also certified in Nutrition, Homeopathy, and Herbal Preparations.

We had the privilege of editing her new book, Healthy Choices in an Unhealthy World. It's an excellent basic grounding in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and we are pleased to endorse it here. --
Paul and Justice

Paul and Justice

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