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First off, we recognize that there are people out there who already have a desperate arthritic condition, usually acquired over time. It’s not reasonable to expect any quick fix, no matter how much it’s needed. I wish there could be! However, I still think that with patience and maybe professional help using Cayce techniques, even they may be able to get considerable relief. It’s happened, for some.

Edgar Cayce’s approach was always to first remove the blockage, and then healing could occur. He said the body knew how to heal itself, if impediments weren’t stopping it. And what he meant by removing the blockage was correcting eliminations and assimilations – get the toxins out and get the right nutrition in!

This is the part that can work for just about anyone, until they reach a point where some of the other techniques can be used. It’s the place to start.


But there are a lot more of us who aren’t in an extreme situation yet -- just trembling on the slippery slope. And Cayce’s way can really turn things around.

It’s true -- prevention isn’t always enough. Life is busy, and we get sloppy, giving it a chance to come creeping back. Then you have to mobilize the troops, and drive that sneaky criminal out, to get back on track.

But how?

Cayce arthritis treatments fell into several types:

  • Therapeutic packs
  • Oil Rubs
  • Hydrotherapy – hot showers, sweat baths, regular baths
  • Three-stage enemas
  • Fasting – Apple fast, grape, orange juice


    Healing packs are great for dealing with joint pain, as well as other injuries and wounds. The big advantage is that they can be used passively -- as you sleep or relax. You can even wear them at work, under your clothes. I've had great success repeatedly over the years.

    See our Pain Relief page for how to make and use them. Whatever you do, don't overlook these!


    Cayce prescribed various natural oils as arthritis treatments, used alone or combined. Two strictures I particularly remember: use olive oil for muscle problems, and peanut oil for arthritis. Of course, he also mixed natural oils as needed, depending on the individual.

    What Oils To Use

    Organic, cold-pressed oil is the best, but that won’t suit everyone’s budget. At least get cold-pressed if you can, since processing with heat can ruin the nutrients.

    One hint, because terms can be confusing: “expeller-pressed” means the simplest type of mechanical pressing, but it can be either cold or hot, depending strictly on the amount of pressure needed to expel the oil. Harder seeds and nuts require more pressure, which generates more heat.

    These are the oils Cayce recommended for arthritis treatments:

  • Peanut oil - For preventing and healing. It’s also good for damaged ligaments, and general joint health.

    Cayce once said that if a person would take a peanut oil rub once a week, he'd never fear arthritis. This hasn’t worked out for me, since I always get a rash. It used to be that you positively couldn’t get organic peanut oil, and peanuts are usually the most chemically grown crop out there, hence my rash. I figure he wasn’t wrong -- organic peanut oil probably won't cause the problem. But it’s still hard to find and expensive.

  • Olive oil – Use as often as needed for sore or pulled muscles. Just remember, muscles are attached to arthritic joints, and often need repair, too.

  • “Egyptian oil” or “Arthro” – This isn’t a single oil, but two brand names for a combination formula recommended by the sleeping prophet for arthritis treatments. It contains mineral oil, peanut oil, olive oil, lanolin, oil of pine needles, and sassafras. I like it because it addresses everything in one package. And even though it contains peanut oil, it doesn't give me a rash. Trust Cayce to know how.

  • Castor Oil - Rubbing into sore joints works for some. I think most will find that it’s too thick for the skin to absorb easily. Probably that’s why it was usually recommended in hot castor oil packs.

    How to Take the Rubs

    If you can, give yourself an oil rub on the affected area(s) after a hot shower. If you need help, try asking a friend or family member.

    You might also get professional help. In many places, there are naturopathic doctors, Cayce-minded massage specialists, and therapists friendly to the Cayce method and willing to assist you in your arthritis treatments.

    How much oil for each rub? Well, is your skin dry or oily? When the skin stops absorbing, it’s enough oil.

    How often to take them? I take an oil rub every 2-3 days, but then my skin is extremely dry. You’ll get a feel for it, depending on skin type and how bad your arthritis pain is.


  • Fish oil – in capsules
  • Eat two raw egg yolks daily (purify shell first before using – no cracked eggs)
  • Flaxseed oil – in capsules
  • Glucosamine/chondroitin – in tablets, liquid, or powder. It has been shown that 1500 units of glucosamine and 1200 units of chondroitin is the optimum balance
  • MSM – alone or in combination with glucosamine/chondroitin
  • Recently we discovered Microlactin. I take it in addition to the glucosamine/chondroitin. It is considered to be about 60% more effective with no known side effects -- and I have found that to be true.
  • Bromelain - a digestive enzyme found in pineapple.
  • “Magnetic clay” refers to magnesium chloride, a naturally occurring mineral. It is processed into a cream, a liquid, and bath crystals, and also made into capsules for internal use. I have gotten surprising relief sometimes from rubbing on the cream and the liquid, but with my extremely sensitive skin, it doesn’t take long for the rubbed area to sting like crazy."Ancient Minerals" is a brand I have used successfully.

  • HYDROTHERAPY - The healing power of water

    Just about everyone finds that these can give immediate relief for joint pain, as well as muscles:

  • Epsom salts baths - 8 to 20 lbs. (and bathing effected parts in a solution)
  • Whirlpool baths
  • Hot showers
  • Saunas or steam baths
  • But most of us wouldn’t have thought “hydrotherapy” included just drinking a lot of water regularly. Cayce did!


    NO. Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could just take one arthritis treatment and get rid of that painful elbow? But it doesn’t work that way, because it’s not like an accidental injury. The elbow isn’t the real cause of the problem, but a result of poor assimilation.

    Cayce always stressed that many health problems develop over time, due to the wrong healthstyle -- And then there’s genetic (or karmic) predisposition. Sometimes the best you can do is to keep arresting the disease, stop the pain, and live your life with minimal interference.

    Most of the remedies mentioned here have worked well for me at one time or another. But it’s been my experience that not everything works all the time.

    For example, your elbow starts hurting after you’ve been chopping wood, and you remember to use salt-and-vinegar packs on it. It works like magic, but the next time you try it – zilch.

    So what can you do? Rotate through several different Cayce remedies, as well as other dodges. This can be frustrating, but fortunately I’ve always been able to find something that would work, before too long. Many times I have solved it with an enema or a fast, when the body became too cranky to respond to my standard arthritis treatments. That’s self-health. You have to figure it out as you go along.

    By this time you're probably thinking, why would I want to do all this stuff? Well, you won't -- nobody would. But when you find that these Cayce arthritis treatments give your life back, you'll make the investment. It beats the competition -- taking drugs, masking the pain with acetaminophen (COPD), ibuprofen (liver problems), aspirin (the pick of the litter), and others, with no hope of healing.

    When I consider that many people end up partially handicapped, or in a wheelchair, I'm deeply grateful for the Edgar Cayce arthritis treatments. They’ve kept me functioning normally most of the time. In fact, when I tell people that I have been battling arthritis all these years, I can see in their eyes that they don’t really believe it. But that’s good -- it means I don't look like a victim!

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