Arthritis and Edgar Cayce –
A Holistic Approach

Edgar Cayce's arthritis approach

Cayce often spoke of the ways
arthritis and other diseases
could be prevented or healed –
body, mind and spirit!

They’ve helped us.
Could they help you?

When I had my first attack at about 40, I didn’t even know what it was, but it laid me up for three days! I couldn’t even stand on the bad leg, and thought I had just pulled a muscle where the leg was attached to the sacroiliac.

I was right about one thing -- it was a torn muscle, but not caused by muscle strain. Spinal bones in the sacral area had calcified, and a sharp piece broke off and cut the muscle nearby. I was lucky. In three days I had things back to normal, with the help of hot castor oil packs.

Now, I don’t let it get that far, by following many of Cayce’s rules for natural health, as well as his arthritis treatments -- that way, I don’t have many nasty surprises, even after 24 years.

The Sleeping Prophet's methods for solving individual health problems were very different from the conventional medicine practiced in his day (or, for that matter, in ours!) Cayce's approach was holistic – not only encouraging people to practice an overall healthstyle to discourage disease, but giving specific treatments along with spiritual advice, like letting go of petty backbiting, anger, hatred of others, etc.


Arthritis pain needs Edgar Cayce's help! If you are living with this difficult condition, you're not just interested in academic details. But it's still helpful to have a basic grasp on the fundamentals.

The older name is rheumatism, and it’s sometimes called just joint pain. This disease is cyclical in nature, and gets better or worse depending on factors in your life and environment, like stress, age, and poor nutrition.

Unless you can understand its root causes and take corrective action, it can seriously hamper your life.


According to Cayce, many diseases start with poor eliminations and poor assimilations. What did he mean? The body wasn’t able to handle either substances coming in or those needing to go out.

Elimination is the outgoing process -- getting rid of toxins or poisons by several methods -- through bowel movements, urination, the skin (perspiration), and the lungs (exhaling). The function is cleansing. If eliminations are poor, then the toxins stay in the body, and degrade it over time, giving rise to various conditions and diseases.

Assimilation means the incoming process -- mainstreaming of nutrients, liquid or solid. The function is nourishment. If assimilations are inefficient, the body starves, to a greater or lesser degree, and other conditions and diseases grow.

The effects of the vicious cycles are different for everyone, so the resultant diseases can vary widely with each person's self-health fingerprint. But they can certainly include diabetes, arthritis, and many others.

Cayce didn’t seem to differentiate between osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis. He saw them as having the same origin, but showing up in different ways, according to an individual's particular body type. For example, more women than men tend to get the rheumatoid version.

There are readings dealing with both varieties. Here are some links to the A.R.E. Cayce database: - (osteo) - (rheumatoid)


On the conventional-medicine side, there are some really frightening arthritis remedies out there. TV lawsuit commercials for drugs-gone-wrong are paraded past us daily in a steady stream. People who aren't ready to take on extreme chemical measures usually get by with aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprophen, and the like. But don’t get discouraged. There really are naturopathic alternatives out there if you know where to look.

But even when Cayce seemed to be dealing only with the physical body, his approach was never just symptomatic. For example, he would often tell someone to first make his body more receptive by doing certain things to improve eliminations. These might include an apple fast (, a three-stage enema, sweat baths or hot baths, or a combination of all of them.

Then, when the obstacles were removed, he would specify a cure, giving exact instructions for each stage of healing. These frequently included additional advice on the right diet, exercise, and sometimes attitude changes.

People who suffer from arthritis pain have the same basic health needs as everyone else, and Cayce tells how to work on that. But you also need to develop a personal plan of action for joint health, including therapies that work for you, have no harmful side effects, and don't require anyone else's permission. I have a respect for science, but when you have a problem like this, scientific arguments don't mean anything – it’s the results that count!


What Cayce said about negative behavior and attitudes might make you shake in your shoes, if you really think about it. The readings told people many times that their negative thoughts and emotions were directly blocking their own healing. For example, in one reading he stated that being disgruntled was blocking the patient’s elimination of poisons. Now, most of us would consider that a very minor character flaw. Yet Cayce’s healing record is so impressive that we really have to take what he says seriously.

What Cayce meant was that it doesn’t matter whether it’s large or small – if energy is uncreative, it will have a destructive effect, and illness will follow in time. (Score one for Norman Vincent Peale) So if nitpicking, backbiting, petty jealousies and gossip are inhibiting the shedding of poisons, how much worse effect do the “seven deadly sins” cause?

On the other hand, look at the creative side -- being kind and helpful, uncritical and generous has a positive effect on your health. It seems like a fairly inexpensive maintenance plan...


A good healthy diet is essential for sufferers of arthritis. (I’m really sorry, Virginia, but everything is related to everything else, just like the ecosystem.) I’ll just give you some do’s and don'ts for an arthritis diet. For more complete information, see our Cayce diet and acid-alkaline pages.

Foods to Avoid: (They worsen arthritis)

  • Fried foods
  • Pork (except crisp bacon)
  • Excessive sugar
  • pop or carbonated water.
  • Too many sweets and starches at the same meal. Shoot for one.

  • Foods to Eat: (They build and heal)

  • Parsley and other raw greens. I sometimes have digestive problems with these, and have tried various shifts to counteract it. I have been known to drink a little Coca-Cola afterward, in the interests of getting enough greens down. Sometimes yogurt helps, and interestingly, Israeli studies have found yogurt effective against arthritis, though not for me.

  • Raw rocket, or Arugula, is a particular miracle-worker. A couple of handfuls chewed-up can act on injuries and sometimes arthritis in only minutes. Watercress and wild cresses can do the same.

  • I make a green drink that I call a Tisane, and drink it every day. I put into it whatever fresh greens are in the garden, or edible wild greens, summer and winter, as well as organic celery and lettuce from the store, if I have them. It definitely contributes its part.

  • Carrots, carrot juice

  • Sour cherries, unsweetened

  • Cayce said that greens, grated carrots and the like should be taken with plain (unflavored) gelatine – the stuff of rejuvenation. Why? He said the gelatine was critical to the assimilation of elements in the body – it suspends and carries the nutritional force in foods eaten, helping to heal arthritic joints. Some people’s bodies don’t produce enough gelatine -- perhaps that’s why they are prone to joint problems.


    Exercises when you have arthritis? Why?!

    You need to keep the joints fluid and the blood flowing, to carry nutrients to heal them. I keep limber by stretching everything all day long -- hands, feet, touching the floor, and so on.The exercises Cayce gave are ideal for this, yoga-like, terse and highly effective, if you do them regularly.

    Swimming, walking, and yoga are good too! I have always thought swimming would be good as it softens and unstiffens. Failing that there is soaking in a tub with epsom salts.

    But one caution: Don’t overdo, whether it’s sports, physical work, or even the Cayce exercises. Find that happy medium that promotes healing.

    On the next page, Cayce arthritis treatments will show you many remedies for rheumatism and joint pain that we have used ourselves.

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