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Build Your Own Log Cabin Free Ebook

Build Your Own Log Cabin

grew out of our life-in-

the-woods experiences.

Whether you’re looking to

build a hermitage in the

woods, a hunting cabin,

or a simple rustic home,

this book can help.

The reality of living in the woods and building a log house exceeded all the information available to us back then, and, after learning to deal with the challenges, we wanted very much to save other people the same difficulties. There are always many nitty-gritty details you won’t foresee, and it’s good to have a guide in your hand. (See our About us page for more details.)


Build Your Own Log Cabin was originally published in hardcover by Winchester Press in 1978. After several years, it went out of print, and has been generally unavailable for some time. We spiffed up this ebook version by changing the front cover, adding some pages, and making a couple of corrections, but, essentially, it’s the same book.


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    Enjoy your book! We hope it helps you create your own log cabin adventure.

    Paul Pfarr and Justice Valentine

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