Castor Oil –-
Edgar Cayce’s Miracle Treatment!

One of the most

famous Edgar Cayce

remedies is castor oil,

known also as the

“Palma Christi,” or

hand of Christ.

Its healing properties are amazing, over
a wide spectrum of problems.

Edgar Cayce called for castor oil many times in the health readings. He might recommend rubbing an affected area, sometimes with the addition of bicarbonate of soda, camphorated oil, or other combinations.

Most often, though, he dealt with a variety of ailments by prescribing abdominal packs, particularly over the liver and spleen. Many times, he was able to cure problems that had been considered incurable!

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In the recent past, Dr. William A. McGarey, co-founder of the A.R.E. Clinic,
has been using this natural health therapy for many years.

In The Oil That Heals: A Physician's Successes With Castor Oil Treatments,
he relates a multitude of cases where he personally has overseen treatment, and others where individuals have used it
on their own.

The conditions and problems it has been employed to solve have included
the following
(and many others!):


Animal bites and stings
Calcium Deposits
Cancer Pain
Cuts and abrasions
Cysts and tumors
Drug Overdose
Ear and Nail Problems
Eye Irritation
Hair Growth
Injuries to head, legs, ankles,
back, fingers

Knee Pain
Lesions (with camphorated oil)
Pigmented Mole, Warts
Relief From Suffering
Skin Cancer
Wound Healing

We ourselves have used it to keep arthritis and bursitis at bay for 20 years. In addition, the palma christi loves a wound. The more severe the injury or wound, the more vigorously the pack seems to perform. Before and after an operation, Justice used the packs to clean up the abdominal area and facilitate healing, and the doctor said she had never seen surgical wounds heal so quickly.

One man we knew had suffered a severed thumb when an engine block fell on his hand. It was re-attached, but the doctors despaired of it, because of infection. We persuaded him to try the oil pack, and, after using it for three days, he was told the infection had gone, and he would be able to keep it.

Those of us who are adults know that there is no magic wand to wave that will infallibly cure any physical problem we have. But, for our money, castor oil comes closer than anything else we’ve seen. In a lot of cases, it seems almost miraculous. Here’s the way we’ve learned to use castor oil packs for a lot of ailments.

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