Edgar Cayce, The Man Who Became
“The Sleeping Prophet”

Edgar Cayce, Psychic -- Original photo courtesty of the E. Cayce Foundation

A quiet man, Edgar Cayce

wouldn’t have seemed much

different from any of his country

neighbors. Certainly he didn’t

look like a medical clairvoyant.

A family man and a sincere Methodist, he taught Sunday
school, and loved to talk about the Bible.

But his life had been the stage for many unusual happenings. Born in southwestern Kentucky in 1877, young Edgar had shown early signs of possessing exceptional abilities. He spoke of one vision in childhood, when a lady had inquired what he wanted, more than anything else. He had told her he desired to help people, particularly sick children.

There was no obvious follow-up then, but he soon began to find he could take in knowledge from schoolbooks by sleeping with his head on them. At local events, he was sometimes shown off as a wonder boy who could recite verbatim tracts from difficult books or documents. While this was useful in school, he had to go to work after seventh grade.

No one's life always goes smoothly. As a young man, he lost his voice just when he needed it, working as a stationery salesman to support his family. The laryngitis persisted for months, and, after trying various doctors without success, Edgar finally sought help from a hypnotist. But instead of having the hypnotist put him into a trance, he entered the trance under his own power, and the hypnotist then led him by asking questions.

To everyone’s amazement, Cayce began speaking in a normal voice, and discussed the throat problem, making recommendations for the cure! These were followed, and were successful! This incident touched off a long career of “physical readings” for people who sought his help. He never charged for his work, though he could have used the money.

Original Painting of Maine Woods

In time, Edgar Cayce

had the opportunity

to work with a few

Kentucky doctors,

then doctors from

around the country,

and became famous

for his treatments

          and cures.


Throughout the readings, the Virginia psychic frequently mentioned the concept of “ body mind spirit, ” and also indicated repeatedly that virtually all physical problems stemmed from what he called “incoordination” and “lack of assimilation.”

Incoordination referred to different parts of the body not working together as they should, while lack of assimilation meant that what was taken into the body was not being sorted out and distributed properly for necessary functions. This is very similar to the tenet of Chinese traditional medicine that all physical problems are caused by a blockage of some type.

Edgar Cayce was called “the father of holistic medicine” by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Actually, other ancient disciplines practiced similar concepts for thousands of years, like Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine.

But he was the first in this country to bring this focus to the forefront of American health consciousness, and he was also the source of treatments and cures previously unknown.

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