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Edgar Cayce Remedies

Thousands of Edgar Cayce remedies have brought hope and relief from numerous maladies.

Here are some of the ones we have
personally used.

Over the course of his lifetime, Edgar Cayce health readings gave instructions for countless ways of treating diseases and problems, large and small. His holistic health orientation was three-quarters of a century ahead of its time, and astounded some of the medical establishment in his day!

But today, many are finding it increasingly in tune with the growing natural health consciousness, and return to natural medicine. No one can claim to have used all of his cures and treatments, but these are the ones we can personally vouch for, in our own lives.

The Charred Oak Keg

Oak kegs are normally used for storage of various liquors during the aging process. They are charred inside first, to produce a lining of charcoal, which acts as a purifier. Cayce recommended inhaling the fumes of apple brandy stored in the keg for respiratory complaints, including tuberculosis.

Using this method, he cured his wife, Gertrude, of tuberculosis, at a time when TB was often a death sentence! We have personally used the keg to good effect for racking coughs and congestion associated with colds and flu.

Cayce Formula 636 Formula 636

This is generally an energy tonic, and was also intended to help people over 40 with various symptoms of aging.
It contains “atomidine,” a specially formulated iodine supplement often prescribed in Edgar Cayce remedies for improving the function of glands. We have used it for many years, and find that we tend to wind-down during periods of non-use.(

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Egyptian Oil

This is the name used by Heritage Products for a blend of oils often specified by Cayce. It has mineral oil, peanut oil, olive oil, sassafras oil and more in an aromatic blend. From personal use, it is the single most effective massage oil for arthritis and bursitis that we have ever found.(

Buy Cayce Products now Formula 208

A digestive tonic containing ginseng, ginger and other ingredients. Experimentation using Formula 208 to treat Crohn's Disease has been done at the A.R.E. Clinic in Arizona. We ourselves have found it a sovereign remedy for severe diarrhea.(

Potato poultice for eyes

One of the handiest Edgar Cayce remedies. For irritated or inflamed eyes or eyelids, he recommended making a pack of (scrubbed) grated or scraped Irish potato peels. Originally, grated material was placed onto a piece of gauze, and bound lightly on the eyelid for 30 to 60 minutes, each session. (Check out out page on eye health for supplemental information)

We have found that the (cupped) eye-patches sold in pharmacies are excellent for holding the stuff next to your eye. (Also sleeping masks) When we get an eye ache that won’t quit, this is remarkably effective. I’ve known it to completely get rid of a nasty problem in as little as an hour! (

Glycothymoline or Alkathyme Packs

Originally, Glyco-Thymoline was sold as a mouthwash and treatment for mucosity, but the Edgar Cayce remedies used it in many ways, including eye packs, ear drops and muscle and joint packs, as well as taken internally for mucosity. (“Alka-Thyme” is the trade name of a similar product now made by Heritage Products, the same but without the red color.)

We have tried them all, and all are very effective, especially the eye packs and the muscle and joint packs, where it has repeatedly turned around severe pain and inflammation due to arthritis. As a sufferer from hemorrhoids, I've also used it as a soothing antiseptic, in conjunction with the Cayce hemorrhoids cure.(

Impedance device (or Radial Appliance, or Radio-Active Appliance)

This is one of the universal Edgar Cayce remedies, a form of mild electro-therapy that Cayce suggested everyone would be better off using. He stated that it is not a battery and generates no current. (And there is nothing radioactive in it!)

However, it uses the body’s own electro-magnetism to balance the body's own energies, similar to a biofeedback device: It takes the excess energy from a gland or brain center, and feeds it into the device. In the interim, you set the battery in the sun, which amplifies this energy, and the next time you use it, it sends stored energy back through the body, strengthening centers that are weak or undercharged. Extended use restores normal action and balance to the human system.

Cayce suggested meditating while undergoing a treatment, visualizing the action desired. At least, you should be quiet. Like many health-related practices, its effects can be hard to prove, and must be tracked by the user over the long-term. (or deduced by contrasting periods of use with non-use) For us, after 15 years of use, it seems to aid with stability of mind and body.

Wet-cell appliance

This is one of the Edgar Cayce remedies we haven’t used, but it is so prominent and widely recommended in the health readings that we couldn’t ignore it in this list.

It is another form of electrotherapy, similar to the Impedance device, above, but employing solutions such as colloidal silver, which make it more costly. Also, this one is more complicated, and really needs the advice of a Cayce-oriented doctor to administer it properly.

Cayce felt that medicines taken directly into the body by vibration, without using normal digestive and assimilative processes, were safer and less likely to have side-effects. It’s a slow, gradual method, often lasting for months, but used to treat a great number of ailments. (

Formula 545

This is a really refreshing concoction, which Edgar Cayce said "would be good for everyone as a spring tonic." It is designed to clear toxins from the system and aid digestion. In our own experience, it works, and makes you feel more awake right away! Check it out at: (

Soda and Camphor

Have recurring problems with ingrown toenails? Thanks to this miracle among the Edgar Cayce remedies, I’ve had amazing success for 20 years in preventing the need for surgery! Barely saturate bicarbonate of soda with spirits of camphor, and rub it on the toenail. Most of the time, all pain disappears in two to five minutes. To me, it’s magical!

Castor oil packs and rubs

This is one of the most famous of Edgar Cayce remedies, known also as the “Palma Christi,” or hand of Christ, for its healing properties. Cayce used it for a wide spectrum of problems, and Dr. William A. McGarey has discussed it at length in The Oil That Heals.

We have used it to keep arthritis and bursitis at bay for 20 years, in conjunction with the Cayce Exercises. In addition, castor oil loves a wound. The more severe the injury or wound, the more vigorously the pack seems to perform. One man we knew used it to aid the healing of a severed and re-attached thumb, which the doctors despaired of. Read More About This Amazing Oil.

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