Your Eye Health – Naturally!

Eye health is vital!

Through our eyes, the brain interprets the world,
not only for survival, but to enjoy form and beauty,
and sense many nuances.

We can even interpret people’s expressions by eye language. And we can see color! No wonder poets and writers have doted on them, calling them the “windows of the soul “ -- remarking on sweetness, love, compassion or surprise radiating from someone’s eyes.

So our focus is on maintaining eye health. It’s safe to say that good general health will tend to keep the eyes healthy, as well. But we all know that living conditions are not perfect for anyone, and sometimes there are inherited physical weaknesses.

Eyes can also deteriorate from overwork, bad diet, and stress -- not to mention accidents. (The eyes above have been staring at a computer screen too long -- putting up a web page! -- and need some of the eye remedies below.)

Here are some of the methods we use in our natural eye health regimen:

Eyewash, or for mucus on the eyes - Warm salt water (1/4 tsp. salt per 8 oz. water, or 1 ml salt per 200 ml water). I keep a small, wide-mouth container with a lid brimfull, and blink my eye in it after warming it in the microwave. Change it after several uses.

Dry or granulated eyes – Smear the lids with castor oil.

Healing an eye injury – Use a hot castor oil pack with a small heating pad. Castor oil loves a wound!

Sty - Rub gently with castor oil repeatedly until gone. (This may take a week or more, but you'll see it shrinking.)

Bloodshot, swollen or aching - (1) Grated potato peel packs; (2) breathing fumes from a lavender-oil-sprinkled cloth; (3) drinking warm salt water (unless high blood pressure prohibits) - 1 tsp. salt to a cup of water (5 ml salt, 250 ml water); (4) Glycothymoline or Alkathyme packs (saturate cottonballs or cloth with a 50% watered solution).

Coca-Cola Classic - And here’s where we part company with the more extreme factions of the natural-health movement. Remember CAM? Edgar Cayce recommended using Coca-Cola syrup (without the carbonated water) as a kidney purifier, and sometimes the straight bottled Coca-Cola, as well. At the time, we were extremists ourselves, and were offended by the idea of the bottled product.

But we purchased the syrup for some years, finding it also helped with eye-aches. Then there came a time when we were out, and had none with us. We bought some Coke, and it worked beautifully. We also discovered that it helped remarkably with headaches, upset stomach, and jittery nerves.

Now, almost everyone says to us, at this point: “Any carbonated drink will do that…” or “That’s just the sugar…” or “That’s just the caffeine…” Wrong, wrong, wrong! (1) No other carbonated drink does it – not even other varieties of Coke – nothing but Coke Classic. (2) No other sweet thing does it - most aggravate it. (3) No other form of caffeine does it.

In the past few years, we’ve had occasion to talk with hospital nurses, and they were perfectly aware of the same thing! The original herbal formula was developed after the American Civil War as a hangover remedy, which apparently is why it still deals successfully with headaches and upset stomach.

Eye health

Diet: We also find that including a lot of raw parsley and grated carrots with gelatin in the diet can be a major factor in eye health, helping to prevent most minor everyday eye ailments. (Edgar Cayce diet recommendations advise that all vegetables, especially raw greens, be taken with gelatin to maximize absorption.) Tomato aspic made with grated carrots and garlic powder is amazingly effective and tasty.

Exercise: Stretching of the neck in all four directions, followed by gently rolling it two or three times each way, can improve vision. (Highly recommended by Edgar Cayce).

Improving eliminations: Cayce also indicated that many eye conditions were caused by harmful conditions in the kidneys and colon, so eliminating toxins is a positive step toward improvement.

Recently my wife came home from work with a prodigious eye ache caused by long hours and computer strain. She definitely needed some eye care. Solution: a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water, two aspirin, an Alkathyme pack on the eyes, and a lavender-sprinkled cloth on her forehead. She slept well all night, and in the morning her eye health was completely restored!

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