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Edgar Cayce Exercises

Edgar Cayce External Hemorrhoids Cure

A real hemorrhoids cure? Yes!
You don’t have to suffer – just take control, and learn these two simple exercises!

The sleeping Edgar Cayce was asked for help with this infuriating problem, and he responded (as usual) with a very practical solution. He went on to describe the inner and outer types, and gave separate exercises to manage them.


These are located right at the anus -- you can see them, and they are usually the ones that cause the most discomfort with pain and itching. Cayce gave this “reach for the sky” exercise as a hemorrhoids cure. Click here to see a video clip of this exercise.

  • In a standing position (without shoes) gradually rise up on the toes, raising your arms in front at the same time, until they are as high as you can reach.

  • Still stretched out, slowly bend forward from the waist, with a clutching-the-air motion as you come down, until you can touch the floor. You’ll feel the anal muscle pulling in.

  • Do this at least once morning and evening, and it will gradually strengthen the anal sphincter, guarding you against future hemorrhoid attacks.


    These are the ones you can’t see, located a little higher up in the colon. Most people don’t feel them, either, so when you see a little blood on the stool without any pain or irritation, that’s probably the inner ones acting up.

    Inner and Outer Hemorrhoids

    Cayce’s hemorrhoids cure for these was an exercise that Dr. Harold J. Reilly calls “torso circles.” Dr. Reilly, an authority on Cayce’s exercises and other treatments, wrote extensively about them in his Handbook for Health through Drugless Therapy.

    Torso circles use centrifugal force to reduce the blood in the swollen veins and develop more resiliency. Click here to see a video clip of this exercise.

    Edgar Cayce Internal Hemorrhoids Cure

  • Put your body in a push-up position, with the soles of your feet against a wall or other solid object.

  • Rotate your torso, first one direction, and then the other. Do equal numbers of these.

  • I find it helps to hold your stomach in at the same time (if you can) that you are putting pressure with your feet on the wall.

  • Don’t do very many at first, especially if you’re out of shape or overweight – even two or three each direction are adequate, to begin with. You can gradually increase to maybe 5-10 each way, or more for severe cases.

  • I have recently seen doctors on the internet prescribing the Cayce hemorrhoids cure regularly with great results!


    Here are a few more things I've developed as stopgap measures to mitigate piles when life gets hectic.
    You’ve seen it -- some days are crazy, and before you know it you’re in bed, and you haven’t done your exercises again... So I use one or more of the following:

  • Recliner exercises – Sitting with the footrest extended, push down on the footrest with your legs (as though you were trying to close it). You can feel the pull on the rectum each time you push.

  • Adjustable bed exercises – If you have a bed whose head and foot can be raised,

  • ---> lie down and raise the foot half-way up.

    ---> Push down with your legs, using the same motion as in the recliner.

    ---> For me, it’s slightly more effective if you raise the upper body a little, too.

  • Push them back in and stimulate the rectal nerve at the same time. I use an old-fashioned rolling pin for this -- it's just a simple stick, tapered at both ends, and works perfectly. It can get you by...

  • For a severe attack, sit on a hot castor oil pack. Combined with some of these exercises, you can get relief from pain in as little as an hour.


    The Cayce exercises are the heart of a hemorrhoids cure -- but it takes more than that for a disease-resistant colon. Keep in mind that cancer can begin there, as well as other serious problems. So here are more things you can do for hemorrhoids pain relief, while improving your natural health at the same time.


    If you have hemorrhoids, you should take an enema at the first sign of trouble --why wait till they begin to itch and bleed, and get infected? Here are some aids and techniques that you can use for a quick cleaning of the rectum – especially useful after a bowel movement, or whenever itching occurs.


    There’s not always time to take an enema when you're on the go, so what can you do?

    At home, I keep a 6-oz. jar and lid filled with a mixture of water, salt, and soda. (use 1/8 teaspoon each) Store an ordinary plastic eye dropper in the jar and use it to clean the outer hemorrhoids. (I have used the glass ones, but eventually the eye-dropper will chip. You can also use a rectal bulb syringe with the same mixture.)

    But what can you do at work? There’s nothing more distracting on the job than a violent itching of one’s posterior. And you can’t carry that 6-oz. jar around –it’s too large.

    I’ve solved this problem with a plastic eye-dropper and 2-oz. plastic bottle (found at any drug store), filled with the same solution. It fits into a pocket or purse, and is easy to use. Just change the solution once a day. I’ve never had one leak. This, along with disenfectant wipes, will keep you perfectly comfortable wherever you are. It's not a hemorrhoids cure, by itself, but it helps!

    For a severe outbreak, you might have to apply a disenfectant internally after cleaning: Bind together three Q-tips with first-aid tape, soak the tips in Betadine, and use in the rectum to stop itching in its tracks.

    Edgar Cayce gave extensive information about internal cleansing, including enemas, and a diet for natural health. One food he recommended highly for the colon was yogurt, with its probiotic effects. Nowadays yogurt is also known for other health benefits, and they come along automatically when you take it for colon health!

    Want more background information on the hemorrhoids cure? Visit Hemorrhoids are Optional! And check out the rest of the Cayce exercises given for health!

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