How to compost without grief –-
Healthier plants for a healthier you!

How to Compost using Rotating Barrels

What if you found out how to compost with even less work?

Here are more ways to make the compost your organic plants deserve, and turn garbage into gold!

These days, there’s been a renaissance of interest in how to compost. People are realizing that giving your plants this natural “black gold” makes food that does more to build your own health. So a lot of excellent equipment is available, if you’re more comfortable going that way.


This is one of the most popular designs, with quite a number of variations on the theme. You mix up the ingredients by turning the barrel, instead of using a pitchfork. They’re good for small backyards, patio gardens, and curious neighbors who like to stick their nose over the fence. Nothing to see, nothing to smell…

Personally, I found that mine needed more tweaking than I could afford -- too dry, too wet, too cold, needs turning, the ants or the wasps are in it again… (Why, I don’t get that much attention to my own needs -- and I could use it!) However, I do believe that I’m not typical that way – not everyone has the same experience. Most of the people I’ve heard about have had no trouble making compost this way.


All kinds of organic gardening need compost, and apartment gardening is no exception. But what are you going to do in a tiny place? Believe it or not, there is a way to turn out fine compost, using earthworms, those guardians of organic soil health (and heart health!).

To some, this may not sound inviting, but it can be done cleanly, unobtrusively and with no odors. Worms will consume all the wastes you give them in no time at all. Don’t know how to compost this way? There are systems you can buy, including stacking units, but you can also build your own easily, as this link shows.

If you have a family, it’s a very educational experience, and much better than the proverbial ant farm, to my way of thinking. Most children will find it fascinating, and it will give them a connection with the natural world.



How to Compost the Laziest Way

You’ve probably
guessed -- Ruth Stout's way.
“little old lady” was the pioneer of total mulch
gardening, and,
for my money, the master
of how to compost.

Ruth simply tucked all her garbage under the mulch! She kept thickening the mulch layer with whatever weeds, chips, hay, grass, or other mulch materials came her way -- and that was it.

She never worried about when it would be “done” – she just kept going, and it would be continuously decomposing in that bacterially super-active top two inches of the soil. And after using her method, I’ve checked up on the garbage in three weeks: No smell, and only citrus rinds and eggshells remain. I’ve used other methods to make compost, but always end up right back with Ruth.

HAVE YOU GOTTEN THE IDEA YET THAT THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO MAKE COMPOST? There really are! And don’t worry -- it’s not rocket science, even though there are experts who get quite technical. Avoid them, unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

Instead, choose a method that fits your situation -- apartment garden, patio garden, suburbs or country. Just keep in mind that gardening is supposed to serve you, and not the other way around, and you’ll do fine!

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