Living Green – Our Future!

Living Green

It used to be only for radicals on the fringe…

But now, living Green is a goal for many mainstreamers, choosing natural health through a safer environment.

It’s a national trend, and will soon be a tidal wave! People are using green products for cleaning, or recycling household materials. Some are learning about burning wood and types of firewood, to heat and cook with wood stoves in their homes. The technically inclined may have solar panels or wind generators, making use of renewable energy, instead of fossil fuels. Even apartment dwellers are finding ways to bring natural healing, and get cleaner water and air.

Organic gardeners are making compost from kitchen wastes, or encouraging community garden projects. Modern pioneers are building their own homes from natural materials, like log cabins, and many families are joining food coops to protect their health, while supporting sustainable agriculture.

They’re all choosing natural health by working for a more natural life, right where they’re at.

NONE OF THIS HAPPENED IN A VACUUM – IT NEVER DOES. It was public interest in safe cleaning products over the last several decades that gave birth to companies like Amway, Shaklee, and others. Since then, more new companies have carried the work even further, and now green products are more easily available.

Even major companies are feeling the pressure. They’ve started to realize they were going to lose out, if they didn’t wake up. And why did this happen? Because ordinary people began pushing the right buttons!

Often we feel hopeless and disenfranchised when confronted with the behemoth of government and corporations, and their dismal progress for environmental change. But remember those few on the fringe? Well, they’ve snowballed into a powerful force.

How? By enough people making good choices about what they eat; what they wear; what they do with their wastes; the cars they buy; or even the stuff used to maintain the lawn. (Need I say, Roundup is not edible?) Even quitting smoking contributes to living green by improving the world’s air quality, while protecting you and your family.

What is your part in living Green?

Vining Sweet Potato -- Living Green at Home

Only you can know that.

There are so many ways of

doing it that it would be

impossible to list them all in

one place.

But we can share our knowledge and experience, and show you what’s out there. You'll decide where to begin... just remember, living Green takes all types. Whatever you can do will be a major contribution,
so go for it, your way!

But what if you realize you're not doing that well where you are, and want to make more drastic changes? For some good ideas, check out our natural life page.

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We had the privilege of editing her new book, Healthy Choices in an Unhealthy World. It's an excellent basic grounding in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and we are pleased to endorse it here. --
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