Natural Healing –
A Common-sense Approach
to the Basics

Flowing Creek and Wood -- Natural Healing For All

The most important and far-reaching natural healing
is also the most basic.

Everything has its own energy and power.

All the elements of the natural world are designed to work together, to support and nourish every life form on earth. So there are basics of life that everyone needs: healthy food, enough sleep, clean air and water, a good working environment, sufficient play or exercise, and a minimum of stress.

Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Though almost everyone out there knows these things, few have been able to achieve all of them. Some of them are outside our immediate control, but others we can pursue in our own lives.

These are the foundations of natural healing, and it’s important to think about them and work toward them. If we don’t, the cost to our health and our families’ will be exorbitant.

Let’s take a closer look.


Our food should be raised positively on organically charged soil, with no sprays, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers. Taking real food into our systems would set up the proper conditions for natural healing.

But in reality, we mostly raise food with chemicals on destitute soil, and further destroy its value by over-processing and preservatives! What kind of mixed message do you think our bodies are getting? Good food is the best natural medicine.


All of us need to regenerate. Think about that word “regenerate” -- it’s your chance to come at tomorrow with a full head of steam. Without enough sleep, we feel driven and unable to cope, may gain weight, and have no energy for proper exercise.

But, nowadays, this vital factor for natural healing is almost more neglected than any of the others. To make it worse, being “on the go,” with little sleep, is idealized to the point of a social mandate!

But what can you do? Maybe you have sleep trouble, and can only sleep if you keep your hours down to four or five. Or perhaps you just can’t find the time, or disturbances may keep you awake.

What we do in our own lives is just to keep gnawing away at it. If light or sound bothers you, there are earplugs and eyemasks, fans and white noise, or you may even be able to change your residence. If it’s other things, go at them one at a time.

Maybe your schedule could be rearranged just slightly – you never know how much difference it might make. I remember how, during a bad period, I was able to finagle one extra hour of sleep every night, and it made a big difference during the day. Increasing exercise may also help you sleep better.


Green Beans -- Natural Healing for the Soil and You

Think about it! Who

needs to work around

people who are always

angry or afraid of one

another --

-- where the workers don’t respect the boss and he/she doesn’t respect them; where there’s gossip and backbiting? Then there’s the issue of safety, and other job-related health issues. This kind of situation is the reverse of natural healing!

Some progressive companies have achieved enough vision to realize that a relaxed, healthy employee who doesn’t have to worry about where the kids are is going to be a much more productive worker in the long run. They offer on-site day care, encourage exercise periods for their employees, and observe safety and ergonomic considerations.

In addition, they train supervisors and managers in dealing fairly with subordinates, and have equitable internal policies regarding acceptable behavior. Besides decreasing employee absenteeism and reducing insurance costs, these companies are also building employee loyalty.

Sure, companies like this can’t be found everywhere. But at least, if you can’t get day care and other positive factors, try to avoid the obvious negative ones. Sometimes you can make a small tradeoff in the amount of wages, but get a better place to work. It could be well worth it, for your whole family. The main thing is not to give up – tomorrow could bring an opportunity to change up!


Play or exercise is one of the strongest influences in natural healing. It strengthens the heart, wind and circulation, lowers blood pressure, and counteracts the negative impact of stress. If you could play like a kid again, it would do wonders for you, but if this isn’t practical, try to find something that relaxes you, that you can make time for regularly, and can afford.

Some exercise is free, or nearly so, like walking, jogging, shooting hoops or kicking a ball in the park. Or there are local baseball teams you could join, and the list is long. Remember, you don’t need rulebooks or competition to have fun and get healthy exercise!

Give it some thought -- you can find something that appeals to you. Check out our Fitness Exercise pages for more ideas.


Stress is one of the worst obstructions to natural healing, and self-health. It can result in heart trouble, high blood pressure, and other conditions. Yet how can we avoid it, in the modern world?

Start by learning to recognize it when it occurs, and see if you can find ways to change the situation. Catch yourself reacting, then make a choice to look at matters differently. Humor is one way to turn a bad moment around. The thing is not to create stress for yourself, and don’t make it unnecessarily for others. (“First, do no harm!”) It’s only common sense.

Natural Healing -- The Big Picture

The truth is, most people would be lucky to have any two of the above items. But it’s worth laying them out so we never forget what a stable health foundation is. Most of us have to tinker with things like adding vitamins, natural remedies or herbal medicine to improve our health -- and that’s fine, since real life won’t always let us do everything we know is good for us.

Just keep the basics in mind, and make small changes. You’ll find you can move toward a better healthstyle: one that brings natural healing to you, and those around you.

But what about clean water and clean air?
Let's talk about that...

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We had the privilege of editing her new book, Healthy Choices in an Unhealthy World. It's an excellent basic grounding in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and we are pleased to endorse it here. --
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