Self health – Your Privilege and Challenge

Self Health Photo, Courtesy of Greg Pfarr, Artist

Physical makeup is

unique, like a fingerprint

– it’s the first rule of

self health!

“Know thyself” can

make a big difference

to your ongoing


Sure, you can do this all on your own – and you will! But here are some pointers for developing your own self health philosophy. I’ve seen people who didn’t have one: When a crisis came, they were blown about like a leaf in the wind, trying this and trying that, or ending up with the luck of the draw.

Conventional doctors can’t help you much with self health. But, you’ll find no better care if you’re in a car accident, or need some kind of surgery, like a heart operation.

The trick is to learn the strengths, and weaknesses of orthodox medicine – what it does best, the shady areas; and what it doesn’t do well at all. That last is the most significant for natural health, since many illnesses are subtle, their origins hard to trace – like chronic fatigue syndrome, or depression.

Though most doctors are dedicated professionals, and do good work in their areas of specialty, they live under many constraints: the AMA, current accepted medical practice, budget restraints, and fear of litigation. Often, they’re oriented more towards serving the good of the many than the good of the few.

The only problem is, you are not just one of the many, you are the ONE, and no one else has as much to lose (or gain)!

Sometimes it’s tough. You’ll meet doctors who are against all alternative and holistic medicine. I know one, a man I like and respect, who has used his influence to prevent articles written by a naturopathic doctor from appearing in the local paper.

This kind of attitude closes doors to new thinking and better medicine, and limits the opportunities of people who want to know more about alternative medicine.

The healthstyle you prefer might include Chinese Medicine, the herb lore of a shaman, or even the laying-on-of-hands. The power to heal is a gift. Few doctors have it, and to be fair, few people have it. Imagine how awesome it would be to find an MD who was both a healer and a health practitioner -- incorporating all the best principles of science and the body-mind-spirit composite. Now, that would be truly holistic!


  • Develop the right mindset. Don’t casually take drugs, for everything major and minor, especially for an illness that falls into a shady or unknown area. Drugs can mask symptoms, leaving the real problem unaddressed, and can also cause collateral damages, such as extreme toxicity, liver or kidney failure, and more.

    My rule is to think thrice before taking drugs, whether over-the-counter, under-the-counter, or prescriptions.

  • Find a doctor or health specialist that you like, who listens to you and doesn’t ridicule, or try to overbear your ideas.

  • Don’t let yourself be channeled into one way of thinking, by yourself or anyone elso. Be flexible, and try to think of all your natural health options.

  • Finally, know when to trust others. Even though you’ve done your part toward self health, there will always come a time when you won’t know what to do. So accept help, and don’t worry – “Do what you can, and walk on.”

  • Explore enlightened Self Health through Ayurveda


    I met an older lady recently who needed a hip replacement. Her doctor described what the operation would entail: they would have to go in from the back of the body, cutting all ligaments, in order to do the surgery. He told her that the recovery would take some time, both in and out of the hospital.

    For some reason, she didn’t accept this as final, and looked on the internet for another way. What she found was a new surgical technique, developed in Spain, that was being used by a local surgeon in Louisville. The new procedure went in from the front of the body, made only two slits for the repair, and didn’t cut any ligaments.

    She decided to have that operation, and went home after spending only two days in the hospital!

    This is a perfect example of self health: it provides you with another option, even if it’s only a different surgical procedure.

    Explore all your alternative health options, both public and private, from second surgical opinions to holistic doctors, learning from your dreams, becoming aware of your own subconscious suggestions, finding hidden talents that heal, or simply developing new beliefs and principles, as you read new books. It’s your self health!

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